Since our start in 1994, we at PBO Group have been dedicated to establishing Philosophy Blues Original as a strong, high profile brand. We have always been aware that a brand can never be better than the product, the management's visions and the skills of our employees. In other words, the foundations must be in place to ensure that we - seen from the market's point of view - stand out with a distinctive profile. In all modesty, we are proud to be able to say that we have succeeded despite tough competition. But our ambitions go further than that. That is why we are moving into new markets throughout Europe.

A strong brand entails an obligation, a responsibility for the entire organization of the PBO Group. It requires more than just being focused on our brands and making a difference for our customers. Therefore, collaborating with the right people is a top priority. We only work with companies that have an in-depth understanding of our products – and not least the values ​​of the PBO Group. Competition on the market demands something out of the ordinary from our business partners. We must be able to react quickly and safely without jeopardizing our underlying business concept.

In addition to the growth of the PBO Group, we will add additional emphasis to our marketing efforts. We want to sharpen the profile of the PBO Group and our brand, and we want to ensure that all future marketing initiatives point in the same direction. We are convinced that this is the key to maintaining and expanding our position in the market. But above all, we intend to continue making clothes of high quality and a distinctive design.